Monday, January 28, 2008

congrats, Maddy, on making it to Nationals!

So my sister, Maddy, competed in the youth ABS regionals in Oregon a couple weeks ago and did well enough to get invited to ABS nationals in Boulder, CO.

Because I'm an awesome sister and love to travel, Luke and I will be joining my parents and one of Maddy's teammates in Boulder over nationals weekend, Feb 15-17, to cheer, volunteer, compete in the citizen's comp, and hopefully get lots of free stuff. When I went to nationals last year, I ended up standing on the same chair as Michael Reardon (RIP), so I have high hopes for meeting some more awesome climbers this year.

Anyways, congrats to Maddy and all the others who've qualified for youth nationals and we'll see you there!

btw, here is some footage of team vertical world competing at regionals in Oregon:


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