Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Climbing and Outdoor Blog Links!

Below is the large list of blogs that I subscribe to through google reader.

You can subscribe directly to all of these or through my feed of them.

Many of the links below go directly to the RSS so you can get the feed for the site.

Not all of these blogs are still being updated and a few are redundant.

If you read my blog feel free to leave a comment with your blog info. If anyone has must read climbing and outdoors blogs let me know.


Luke - News GLOBAL

A Purposeful Life – Jay Knower
A Year in the Life of a Climber: James Pearson
Adam Lincoln's Blog
Adrian Berry's Blog
Adventure 16 Blog
All Climbing Blog
Alpinist Mountain Standards
Alpinist Newswires
American Alpine Institute
Anatomy of Restlessness
As The Crow Flies
Backcountry Blog The Goat
Barefoot Among Czechs - The North Face Expedition
Being With Yoga
Beth Rodden
big UP blog
Bishop Bouldering Blog
Blackcore – Tim Kettering
Born to Breathe - Neil Berget
BS Productions Blog – Brian Solano
BS Productions - Old Blog
Climb Life - Matt Maddaloni
Climbing Bum – Carlo Traversi
Climbing Narcissist
Climbing Videos
Climbing Hold Review
ClubShed – Collete McInery
Coppworks Blog – Jonny Copp
Creative Climbers Coalition
Crimped Climbing
CruxPhoto - Nate Young Photography

Dani Andrada
Dave MacLeod Climbing
Denver Bouldering
Do the move – Jason Pinto
Dream In Vertical – Our Blog
Drew's Adventures
Dropknee – Andy Mann

East Side Bouldering – Jeff Sillcox
Enlightened Chuffer
Eric Horst's Climbing and Training Blog
Ethan Pringle
Everything You Want To See – Scotty Gross

Gabor Szekely / Climber
GearFlogger Outdoor Blog
Girl vs. Wild
Gravsports – Will Gadd

Happiegrrrl Climbing
HARDCLIMBS – Chad Greedy
Hardwear Sessions – Mountain Hardwear
Hayden's Bouldering
High Places – Steph Davis
Hot Aches Productions

It Came from the Garage

Katie's blog – Katie Brown

La Sportiva Media Coverage
Lithic Loafing
Lord Caffeine
Los Angeles Bouldering
Lynn Hill

Metolius Media
Mike Doyle's Rants& Raves
Minnesotan Skin
Monkey Business / Moonblog
Mountain Climbing News
Mountains and Water – Peter Beal – Mike Call
Moving Mountains Magazine

Nicola Martinez - Rock Monkey
Nicolas Favresse
North East Climbing
Northwest Mountain School – John and Olivia

Once in a lifetime
Online Climbing Coach – Dave MacLeod
Outdoor Gear – Apeqs
Outside Blog

Petzl Team

RAZA: The Blog Deal of the Day
Rich Wheater
Rock and Ice Online News
Rock Climber Girl
Rock Climbing Topics - The New York Times
Rock Monkey Art – Renan Ozturk
Rocks are the skin of the earth – Kelly Mcbride
Roxanna Brock

Schmoubouldering's Weblog
Sender Films' Blog photo blog
Straight into yer face lam
Straight outta bedlam – Justin Jaegar

T h e R a n g e L i f e
The Adventures of Paul Robinson
The Cleanest Line – Patagonia
The Climbing Works Blog - UK
The diary of a [newbie] rock climber
The Gear Junkie
The Kind Chronicles – Joe Kinder
The Liminal Line Blog - Majka Burhardt
The Mountain Culture - Cloudveil
The Mountain World - Dougald MacDonald
The Thought – Alan Moore
Tidbits of Joy"
Tim Kemple Photo

Vegas Bouldering
Vertical World – Rich Johnson
VooDoo Climbing Holds & Bouldering Gear Blog
Western Colorado Climbing
What’s happening – Chris Lindner
Where the Wild Things Are
WiredNut - Mid-Atlantic Climbing News


Rebecca said...

wow...i knew you read a lot on-line, but this has me to new levels of impressed!

Daniel said...

Holy Shit Luke, think you subscribe to enough blogs?

Kate T-C said...

That is an amazing and comprehensive list! I want to add a bunch of these to my reader, but I'm afraid I would never get any work done. But thanks for a look into your blog-o-sphere!

Jo Adams said...

Thanks Luke! That's a great list and I will be heading over to look at quite a few of them!

Levi Rodrigues | BLOG said...


We also have a blog of climbing and mountaineering, but in Brazilian Portuguese.

Thank you,

Levi Rodrigues

Mandi said...

it's really weird that you subscribe to my blog. I guess it's cool that it's interesting?

Luke said...

Bunch of new blogs.

Check it out:

- Luke