Monday, February 11, 2008

Hard Boulder Problems in California

Inspired by a discussion on ClimbingNarc I decided to try to start a list of all problems in California V12 or harder. This list is not complete so if you have any info on more problems or about FA’s let me know. This is similar to a list of hard climbs in Colorado and an older list of problems in New England. BetaBase also keeps an online list of all the problems in Yosemite.

First Ascent
V15?Rasta Man Vibration SitTBD
V14The Manadala SDSTony LamicheButtermilks
V14The Mandala Direct SDS
Paul RobinsonButtermilks
V14Goldfish TromboneSam EdwardsHappies

V13/14The SwarmMatt BirchBeehive Boulders
V13/14Iron ResolutionChris SharmaJoshua Tree
V13/14Somewhere in TimeMatt BirchTramway

V13The Beautiful and the DammedKevin JorgensonBardini Boulders
V13Black MambaDan MillsTramway
V13DominatedChris SharmaYosemite
V13SpectreDave GrahamPollen Grains
V13True NorthSean McCollButtermilks
V13The OracleSean McCollButtermilks
Shawn Diamond
V13The Buttermilker SDS


V12Sharma’s TraverseChris SharmaHappies
V12Kill On SightSean McCollHappies
V12Bubba LobotomyDan MillsHappies
V12The Buttermilker Chris SharmaButtermilks
V12Xavier's RoofTony LamicheButtermilks
V12Rastaman Vibration
Jared Roth
V12EvilutionJason KehlButtermilks
V12?Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Matt Wilder
V12A Maze of DeathDave GrahamButtermilks
Fred Nicole
V12The MysteryShawn DiamondButtermilks
Form DestroyerDave GrahamBeehive Boulders
V12A Scanner DarklyDave GrahamGet Carter
V12Michael Caine SDS

Get Carter
V12The MandalaChris SharmaButtermilks
V12The Mandala DirectJeff SillcoxButtermilks
V12Yabo Roof Tommy CaldwellYosemite
V12DominatorJerry Moffatt
V12ChimeraPaul Barraza
V12Scissors for Lefty
Randy Puro
V12Stick It, Static
Randy PuroYosemite
V12Park Life
Tim Clifford
V12Shadow WarriorMatt WilderYosemite
V12The Creeping Wingate

Mt Baldy
V12Devil's Dance

V12Roasted and Raw

Joshua Tree
V12?Rain Dance Dan Beall
Mt. Woodson



Anonymous said...

Beautiful & Damned - Kevin Jorgeson
Spectre - Dave Graham

Joe Meiners said...

did chris get the fa of dominated?
i had no idea he did it.
also what is the difference between mandala direct and the sds?

luke said...

According to BetaBase Chris got the FA of Domintated so that where I got that info.

Here is the FA of the Manadala Direct.

It finishes right where most people had gone left at the top. It is supposed to be the same grade, V12, as the Mandala.

Paul Rob's creation The Mandala Direct Assis I believe is the SDS of the mandala to the direct finish. Assis is French for seated.

Anonymous said...

what about the Sharma Linkup at Mortar Rock? I think its ungraded and still has yet to see a second send.

Anonymous said...

heround FA matt wilder
direction FA shawn diamond
baburre FA fred nicole

Anonymous said...

why is the swarm listed as v13/v14?
birch called it v14 and graham agreed enough said. did woods downrate this one of birch's too?

eh, its a funny thing to put beal's problem up there.. v12 slab? very rare. did he even actually call it "V12"? no repeats.. i dunno.

i think Mccoll put up another v12 in the slow dance cave called "the asset". it is a right exit to slowdance.

why put the sit to rastaman up there? no one has done it. if this list consisted of open projects, it would be very long

luke said...

It was Landman who said it was 13/14. Woods only said it was "hardest in bishop". I thought consensus was that it was easy V14 thought thats a funny thought... P-Rob also did it very quickly thus V13/V14.

Dan said V11 or harder and one of the hardest things he had done, possibly V12 thus the ? next to the grade. It is on the list since he is a friend and to inspire someone to go do a 2nd ascent.

I must have missed the asset from Sean's killer trip to bishop. Thanks for the heads up.

The reason for this list was because I couldn't find one for cali which I though was strange since we have a bunch of tough problems. I thought the Rastaman proj was about to go down so it made the list.

Anonymous said...

thunderbird, chris sharma FA just cause its not on 8A doesnt mean it doesnt exist